18 April 2015
18 April 2015,

Step no. 1: Write the transmittal letter first:

This is not a document which is a part of the essay paper, but it accompanies it. This is written briefly and the purpose of writing this letter is to let the reader know about the topic of paper and about the basic requirements which should be inserted in it. The letter etiquettes must be followed while writing it. It is also not necessary to include it, but if only specially asked.

Step no. 2: The title page:

In a paper of this type, there are usually four pieces of information given on the title page. These include the following:

  • The title itself
  • The name of the organization or firm for whom the paper is being generated
  • The author’s name and the firm which developed the report
  • The completion date of the report.

There might be some specific requirements which are required from the teacher for the title page so it is also necessary to insert them.

Step no. 3: Acknowledgements:

The gratitude must be given to those people who have aided in the generation process of the paper.  These should be written in a sincere and true basis only.

Step no. 4: The summary or abstract:

The abstract section is responsible to deliver the scope of the paper and the main topics which are inserted in the paper. This helps the research itself. When writing the summary of the paper, go through the main parts and sum up every single one in simple sentences. It is advised to write this part at the end when the process of writing is completed.

Step no. 5: The table of contents:

The table of contents is written as a reflection of the writing structure of the paper. All the sections and sub-sections should be written properly numbered and correctly titled to aid the reader in searching anything in the paper.

Step no. 6: The executive summary:

The summary should be no longer than one page in length and it must include the purpose of writing, the background of the paper, the sources from which information is collected, the key findings, the ending part and the recommendations.

Step no. 7: The introduction:

The report writing process should include a brief introduction which is about 1 to 2 pages in length.  It must include the purpose of the paper, the background, the methodology and the assumptions along with limitations.

Step no. 8: The body:

The body constitutes the main part of the paper which consists of all the facts and related material required for problem understanding. The body is comprised of three paragraphs: theories, materials and results.

Step no. 9: The conclusion:

The process of writing can take on different forms because it depends upon the topic and the comments of the supervisor. However the concluding part should consist of the main points, in reference to the underlying themes!

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