5 August 2014
5 August 2014,

You have been searching for this opportunity for a long time. Finally, you came across the perfect job, next thing you need to do is to submit an application along with your resume you are anxiously waiting for: ‘the call for an interview’. Once you have received that call, your entire focus should be on making that perfect first impression, but in general people applying for a job neglect to prepare for their interview. It’s always better to enter a company well prepared, it’s the base to that perfect first impression, your employer must never get the thought that you randomly applied for this job; it should seem that you’re interested. To begin your preparation it’s very important to know about the company you have applied in. You should know the entire history and the background of the firm as when and how the company started, where it stands and rest of the background story about the owners, their contributions and sacrifices to set up this particular firm. Then search for their mission and vision statements and how you can contribute to achieving their goals as an employee. Subsequently, research on the company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as their competition’s weaknesses and how this can be utilized to cater to the excessive competition in the industry. It’s crucial that you should know about current events of the company and their latest plans for investment. This information is available on their website in the press section. After you have known about the company do a thorough research on employers and other staff members. Plan an impressive answer to why you chose this company over others. And why they should hire you as an employee.There is a set of rules regarding how to behave in an interview or to begin with an interview. Dressing also is very important so dress up in formal and decent clothing and avoid flashy color or accessories. When entering the room, always knock the door and ask for a permission to enter the room. Greet in a polite manner; never sit unless you are asked to do so. Maintaining eye contact is important, else your employer will consider you as being timid and reserved. During interview neither take pauses nor stammers, speak with fluency and confidence. Use a strong and professional body language; don’t make it obvious that you are nervous by touching your hair, tie, hand or drumming on the table. Hence, it will definitely pay for your homework that you did before entering the interview place and all your preparation will make a striking first impression.

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