1 October 2014
1 October 2014,

In a variety of ways, your brain even before your birth, is well entitled and synchronized with your body and its requirements. It does not need to be trained in doing things, as it already is, and depends on your genes, your family and other factors. Your intelligence and intellectual levels are also to an extent well established. However, the beauty of a human body is the way it evolves with time, practice and habits. Similarly, with your brain you achieve the impossible, your brain may have the foundations laid down, synced with your body system and works just enough for you. However, getting it to excel in what it does, giving you the power to think more maturely and work like a horse is something that you train and practice over time.

There are some simple steps, that can help you train your brain into doing things the way you want and when they need to be done:

–          Stay healthy and hydrated: For anything in your body to work to its full capacity, it needs fuel just like your car, and the fuel is proper diet as well as water. For your brain, to feel strong and powerful you need to stay healthy and completely hydrated. A tired mind, with poor diet will have no extra energy to work on anything, as it needs focus and precision as well as hard work.

–          Keep a balance between commitments, work and rest: Overloading, can result in slow activity and lethargic progress, keeping a good balance between your work, commitments and rest are extremely essential to a healthy brain.

–          Do not indulge yourself into unnatural things: Indulging yourself into drugs, and unnatural things will lead your brain towards addiction and poor health, if you want to stay fit and healthy then avoid all these malicious elements.

–          Use your brain in different ways: Doing a Sudoku puzzle, following up with a good read and then taking a rest, will not only give a good exercise along with a breathing space, but also allows your brain to think more powerfully by using it in a variety of different ways.

–          Ask for more: Always demand more from your current output, if one day your brain allows you to only one essay writing, then next day force it to allow you to do a couple of them, going an extra mile every day increases the capacity of your brain.

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