Refund Policy for

At the refund policy is based on full or partial refund. The policy is very clear and comprehensive. In our view the client holds the right to demand full or partial refund if he or she is not satisfied by our final product that is received in his/her inbox. Full refund means 90% money of your order is given back. We offer free of cost revisions to our clients and it is therefore requested from them to at least avail this opportunity once prior to demanding a money refund from us. The refund can be claimed on the following grounds:

  • Deadline of your order is not met for any reason
  • Though your paper is checked for plagiarism before sending but if you have detected plagiarism and the case if found to be valid then you can demand refund back
  • Your paper is not of that quality level which you have expected and it is quite low.
  • The revision of your paper is not done completely before sending it to you.
  • Despite you have tried several times you are not getting any response from the customer support department via the means of email, chat and telephone since a time period of 24 hours.

The refund can be claimed only after 7 days when you have received the finished product. If the refund is acknowledged by our Quality Assurance Department i.e. QAD then money will be given back to you within 10-15 days of the approval being sanctioned. If the customer has not given any claims of full or partial refund then the decision will be taken by our QAD people. Once your money is paid we will consider that you have accepted all the terms and conditions of our refund policy.