17 September 2014
17 September 2014,

They say that one paired with one makes eleven and if the pairing keeps on getting done, then the results just keep getting better too. Teamwork is the essence of every successful project and research and its importance can never be refuted. Not all the teams survive together though, coming together is the first bit and it’s the easiest one too, but keeping together and staying put is something that’s not that simple. Teams are to be formed after special grooming and vetting of the participants, if the mindsets of the team members don’t match, then most probably the team, at the end of the day, will be at a loss. Every student during their academic life needs partners to go on and excel; exams, assignments and what not, there are so many aspects of academic life that need a team’s input more than an individual’s.

Let’s talk about some of the very evident advantages that a team has to offer:


  1. The more the brains, the better: More often, students are assigned engrossing tasks and they find it beyond their capability to get the thing done within time. The more people work on a same task, the more are the chances of it getting done soon enough.
  2. Work never gets hampered: The workflow remains steady when a team’s working. IF one person feels a bit off the hook, as they say, the other person can take over the task and get it done. More often than not, team members are friends so the empathy is only natural.
  3. A healthy competition: Everybody wants to be the team’s genius and everybody tries hard to be exactly that. A healthy competition is seen among team members and that only aids in making the project more fruit-able.
  4. Learn from each-other: When qualified people sit together to discuss the laws of nature, one person comes up with a point from Newton’s book while the other quotes Faraday’s excellent analogy of a frog jumping in the water, everybody adds something new to the knowledge of the other team members and the more people of the team interact with each-other, the more they learn.

So, to summarize, I would say that it’s good to make a team whenever possible and let more than one head focus on a task in hand, especially during  a person’s academic life, where time is of great essence and minds are more baffled than at any other stage of life.

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