7 July 2014
7 July 2014,

Introduction is the first paragraph in your writing. This is the paragraph when the reader decides whether he will keep on reading or not. Therefore stress is given on this part of writing the most. You are expected to write a very attractive introduction to make your readers engrossed in your writings. Similarly, conclusion is the last paragraph; this is the summary and outcome of your discussion in the content. Conclusion is the last chance for you to convince the reader that you are capable.

SLDIER-2Writing a good introduction is not as hard as most of the people think. There are certain components of introduction. First you should write about the general phenomenon about your topic. Then you should explain what the topic is all about in a few sentences. Then write about some reasons and causes, if it’s that kind of a topic and finally add a concluding sentence that shows what will be discussed in the essay.

In writing essays, students work really hard to collect relevant material. But they forget to conclude their essay in the end, which leaves the essay unfinished and gives an incomplete look and feel to it. Conclusion is not that hard either, all you need to do is tell the reader what your point is in all the discussion of the essay. End the essay with a very catchy line that will keep your readers thinking about your essay. Both these components will help you in your writing skills as well as your argumentative skills.

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